Style Correspondent DeBalino, BabyStylista

Destination Burton W Chace Park at Marina del Rey

There was never any question that this was where my husband and I would host our taco truck day-after-the-wedding picnic with our out-of-town guests; after all, it’s the perfect spot for all the generations – the kids could rollerblade and chase one another around the miniature hills, the older folks would share stories while walking across the footbridge at the top of the hill, while the rest of us could lie on our blankets atop the beautiful greens surrounding the park, enjoying our tacos and great conversation.

At the end of the Marina del Rey peninsula, and overlooking the main channel, this park has picnic tables, barbecues, pergolas, wide open spaces for children to run about, as well as incredible views.

From July to September, there is a programme of free evening (7pm) concerts in the park: classical concerts every second Thursday evening, and pop concerts every other Saturday.

There are three large covered picnic shelters, creatively named Shelter A, B and C. Shelter A can be reserved, but the others are first-come first-served, so if you want to have a large group gathering, arrive early to start your party.

Why go In the heart of Los Angeles, this park delivers an elegant spot of green lawn with a magical vista over the moorings of Marina del Rey. It’s great for a calm moment with the family – yet only a short stroll from the madness and mayhem of Venice Beach.

Top tip After your picnic or barbecue, catch the water taxi that makes its way around the peninsula. And don’t forget to bring a light jacket for the cool summer nights.

While you’re in the area Take a walk through the Venice Canal Walkways – follow our guided walk to find a sweet little childrens playground for a moment of respite from the city of stars.