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Peter Balderstone


During songtime at a new toddler group, I observed to my son, “Our usual toddler group sings a much better rendition of ‘Hop, Little Bunnies’ than this lot.” In retrospect, I believe that to be the single most pathetic thought that has ever crossed my mind.

I ditched my job as an academic lecturer to become a full-time father when my two kids came along. Most of my writing has been on literature and film. I have given Shakespeare in Performance seminars & lectures to postgraduates at Shakespeare’s Globe, the University of London, the Shakespeare Institute, the London Centre for Theatre Studies, and the University of Cambridge. Now I work with my writing partner on introducing children to Shakespeare in school acting sessions.

Being a Pad Dad allows me the flexibility to write plays & comedy scripts, to do improv comedy & schools performance workshops, and to edit and write about Books & Media (and a few other things besides) on MyLittleStyleFile.