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Helen McKay-Ferguson

/ Contributor

As an aunt-of-three I am often called upon to partake in a world of playful adventure. I’ve helped orchestrate sandcastle dramas starring stone kings and queens, cheered on ‘Brandy Wiggins’ in a back garden Tour de France and constructed a bespoke monster out of spent Christmas crackers (tip: you can unroll the ends to make really good jagged teeth). 

Happily, I have been able to combine my delight in things childish with a passion for the written word.

As a part of the team on glossy lifestyle magazine Junior, I spent five years writing about very cool things created for children – covering everything from playgrounds to picture books, designer dwellings to dream travel destinations. I have also worked as Features Editor across a portfolio of best-selling pre-school magazines, and would have a sporting chance against a five-year-old in a contest of name-that-character. My weaknesses include well-cut dresses, chewy sweets and anything bearing a bird motif (although not necessarily in that order).