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Ed Hutchings


Born in East Anglia, but raised in the Persian Gulf, I was always going to have two things – itchy feet and an inquisitive mind. Having left university with a degree in hospitality, I embarked on a career as a sommelier, and after working at various Michelin-star restaurants, not to mention winning the prestigious sommelier competition UK Torres Quizmaster in 2004, I like to think I can separate my Chardonnays from my Sauvignons.

However, I found myself standing in vineyards with winemakers and preferring to watch the birds around me rather than listen to another monologue about soils, so decided that wildlife, my true passion in life, was the way ahead. Whilst working for the RSPB at Symonds Yat Peregrine viewpoint in Gloucestershire and surveying Nightingales for the British Trust for Ornithology, I started writing a casual column in a local village rag, which soon escalated to writing articles for Bird Watching Magazine – Britain’s best selling bird magazine. I also write for Suffolk Life and contribute to numerous other titles.  I am delighted to have joined MyLittleStyleFile and contributed to the A to Z of Where The Wild Things Are, which will hopefully help inspire the next generation’s appreciation and understanding of our amazing natural world.