In this rhyming adventure through the jungle, Big Bear possesses a gift for rhyming verse but seems to have great trouble identifying animals.

Each page features a colourful, but confused, amalgamations of animal features as Big Bear conjures up creatures from the jungle with his words: “Oh yes, there’s a rhino with leathery wings, and it hangs upside down eating mangoes and things.” Thankfully, Little Bear – and the reader – is on hand to piece together the clues and work out the identity of the real animal who lurks behind the flap. “You’ve got it mixed up!” exclaims Little Bear as he identifies the error of his Big Bear’s ways… and, outlining the features that simply don’t make sense, he reveals the true beast that fits Big Bear’s description, “it must be a… BAT!” There’s a leopard with crocodile scales, a monkey with parrot’s wings, a frog with fur and spots, and even a bat with a green coat, a jump and a croak.

A wonderful mix of nonsense, poetry and interaction, this is a great book to read together with inquisitive young jungle explorers who will love to correct their very own Big Bear along the way…

Little Bear and Big Bear were first discovered confused amongst a range of other animals in their adventure The Big Animal Mix-Up.

Author Notes Author Gareth Edwards is a TV and radio producer who has recently made his first foray into children’s picture books. His third and latest book The Disgusting Sandwich was published by Scholastic in March, 2013.

Illustrator Profile Kanako Usui is a Japanese illustrator living in the UK. In 2005, she was shortlisted for several awards for her work on The Fantastic Mr Wani, which won the Best New Illustrator Award and the the Book Trust’s Early Years Award that year.