With a visit from Santa Claus on the horizon, one little toddler is making sure she won’t be appearing on the naughty list with this delightful ode to the jolly man in red.

Whilst the cynics might argue that a toddler has vested interests in telling Father Christmas how much they adore him and his loveable ways at this time of year, experience tells us that this sweet-natured tiddler has a reputation for affectionate declarations of love!

There are already a clutch of books in this delightful series, penned by award-winning author Giles Andreae, with equally sunny illustrations by Emma Dodd, including I love my Mummy, I love my Daddy, I love you Baby, I love beasts and I love cats. Ah yes, love is all around…

Now it’s Father Christmas’ turn to be on the receiving end of a whole lot of lovin’ as a golden-haired toddler extols the virtues of his shiny shoes and silver buckle, his pretty reindeer and his hearty chuckle. She can even see the positives in his handsome belly.

The narrative has an exciting Night before Christmas feel with a child’s sense of anticipation and wonder. Andreae has a talent for writing jaunty rhyming couplets that demand to be read out loud. He also manages to elegantly combine the innocence of childhood with the forthright honesty that is so typical of toddlers.

So while our toddler hero (who is depicted with blonde locks and gender-neutral green pajamas so could be a boy or girl) is quick to admire Father Christmas’ festive get-up and “amazing beard”, she also has some observations about his portly gait: “And yes, you’re rather fat, but you probably just like eating. There’s nothing wrong with that!”

The sing-song text is also perfectly complemented by Emma Dodd’s bright and breezy illustrations that literally fill the pages to bursting with big, happy faces and warm loving hugs. A feel-good festive read that will withstand the repeated readings that your toddler is likely to insist upon.

Did you know? The sandy-headed father who appears in I love my Daddy bears more than a passing resemblance to strawberry blond author Giles Andreae.

Author notes Giles Andreae is the author of many top selling award-winning picture books, including Giraffes Can’t Dance, Rumble in the Jungle, and Commotion in the Ocean. He is also the creator of Purple Ronnie, Britain’s favourite stickman, and of the artist/philosopher, Edward Monkton. These two ranges of greetings cards, books and merchandise have made Giles the country’s top selling living poet and an icon of contemporary popular culture. Giles lives with his wife, Victoria, a children’s clothes designer, and their four children by the river in Oxfordshire.

Emma Dodd was brought up in Guildford, Surrey, in a family of artists. As a child, she loved the work of Peter Firmin, John Burningham and Gerald Rose and from as far back as she can remember she wanted to be an illustrator. Emma studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and has worked in advertising, editorial and book illustration. The I Love You range has sold over 500,000 copies and I Love My Mummy won the Bookstart Early Years Award. Emma lives in Surrey with her husband and two children and their terrier cross, Buzz, who keeps her fit and provides inspiration. The family like to spend any spare time in North Cornwall, surfing and walking in all weathers.