One forest, two mountains and three bears modestly kick off this counting adventure, but before long their numbers multiply into a manic melee of madcap proportions…

Counting on a rising scale from 1 to 100, the numbers in this vibrant book are used as an ingenious device to narrate a story that starts modestly – but quickly grows into an exciting crescendo of high adventure and comic chaos starring hunters and gunshots, cats and smoking chimneys, roasts and hot potatoes. Sound a bit bonkers? It is – and delightfully so.

With the help of a miscellany of assorted animals and revellers floating off with balloons, firing gunshots, and downing spoonfuls of medicine, children can perfect their counting skills – up to a mighty 100 – as they spot the items on each page

With a minimal text, it is Bardos’ delightful illustrations that bring the narrative to life. She uses the most gorgeous colour palette using four spot colours – we love the bears’ fur in hues of tangarine, fuchsia pink, red and burgundy – that gives a fresh and modern feel with a hint of retro too. The design of the book is also faultless, as has become a signature of the wonderful Flying Eye Books.

After an odyssey of number-crunching, this “bonkers bear tale” ends happily with hunters and hunted making their peace and returning from whence they came – to the forest of 100 trees.

Funny, fast-paced and full of wit – with fabulous illustrations to boot – this is a teddy bear’s picnic that isn’t short of sandwiches.

Author notes Magali Bardos lives near Toulouse. After obtaining a diploma from L’Ecole Supérieure Saint-Luc-Bruxelles, she started working for publishers, magazines and illustration workshops. She has published a number of books with Actes Sud France including The Christmas Giant.