Hotel Sacher’s Restaurant Rote Bar is the epitome of Viennese elegance – all crisp white tablecloths and perfectly proper silverware. But what we love most of all is the welcoming smile that toddlers receive when swinging wide the doors of this iconic establishment. 

Here you can savour traditional Viennese specialities – from Viennese deep-fried chicken with deep-fried parsley and potato-lamb’s lettuce salad to a classic Wiener Schnitzel, and of course, the original Sacher-Torte – in the grand, dark red damask dining room with large oil paintings and crystal chandeliers that is the Restaurant Rote Bar. Or you can opt to sit in the adjoining black and white glass conservatory that faces the Opera House; in summer, the windows of the conservatory are folded away to make a large open terrace – perfect for an al fresco lunch with children.

Despite its elegant formality, we can assure you the waiters here won’t blink an eye if your children request their sorbet for starters and
Wiener Schnitzel to go…

As a fascinating side note, the hotel’s Sacher-Torte owes its existence to chef Franz Sacher, whose son Eduard Sacher honed his father’s recipe while training at the Demel bakery and chocolatier. It was introduced to the Hotel Sacher after Eduard established this venue in 1876, and in 1938 a battle ensued between the two establishments over the rights to ‘The Original Sacher-Torte’; Hotel Sacher claimed their right to the title in 1963, with Demel given the right to decorate its Sacher-Tortes with a seal that reads Eduard-Sacher-Torte.

Why go For a special occasion. Although we think this is a definite “Should Do” on your Vienna list for dining – so if there’s no special occasion on the calendar, make one up!

Who is it best for All ages, but children school-age and older may appreciate the fine dining facilities more than toddlers.

Top tip Be sure to make a booking. This is a formal venue and preparing staff for the onslaught of children is a good way to ensure you have the right seating arrangements.

Highlights for kids Getting dressed up to eat sorbet… and of course chocolate cake!

While in the area Head across the road to the StadtPark – there is only a small playground, but plenty of other park attractions to entertain your children including a pond for feeding ducks as well as a beautiful U-Bahn station from whence you can quickly be transported across town.