The latest groovy gadget in Vtech’s Kidizoom series, the Smart Watch embraces the trend for wearable technology, delivering state-of-the-art technology for the youngest digital natives.

Kidizoom has already brought us technology for kids via sturdy, twistable cameras and zoom-in videos. Now we have a real Jack-of-all-trades with the multi-tasking Kidizoom Smart Watch. Showcasing its ‘smarts’, we are talking so much more than a mere time-piece: it also packs a camera, video camera, voice recorder and games console.

When it comes to time-keeping, the Smart Watch performs handsomely with both a traditional analogue and a digital clock, but it also features a stop-watch – handy for timing those sprints around the playground – a countdown timer, and an alarm with 10 different wake-up tones. The wristband can even be folded back so it can be used as a freestanding bedside alarm clock.

But this is more than just a watch… this multifunctional cleverclogs captures photos, videos and voiceovers, which can be treated with a ‘voice changer’ to keep identities secret – perfect tools for a mini 007

The Smart Watch also comes with in-built games including Super Detective, Rotating Puzzle, Finger Dance, and – in US versions only – Time Master. And, if your child likes to colour-coordinate outfits, they will enjoy making bespoke designs using one of the 50+ faces available.

The 1.4-inch colour touchscreen has a built-in motion sensor and is easy for young children to master. What’s more, the Smart Watch is PC compatible, so all those photos and videos your child captures can be uploaded for editing via the VTech Learning Lodge, VTech’s easy-to-use download manager. The Smart Watch has 128MB of built-in memory, allowing for storage of around 900 photos or 15 minutes of video; a micro USB cable for recharging and file transfer is also included.

Whilst the technology of the Kidizoom Smart Watch is sophisticated and sleek, the real giveaway that this nifty piece of kit is designed for children is its chunky bouncability: sturdy and robust, it’s splash-proof (but not waterproof, so don’t submerge in water) and made to endure the rough-and-tumble of the playground whilst performing its many spy (and of course time keeping) duties.

Good For… Manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination, as well as early computer and digital skills, storytelling, conceptual development, numeral proficiency, time keeping.

Keep in Mind… Although the upper age recommendation is 12 years, its child-friendly chunky design may appeal more to the younger age set; however, the face of the watch is quite bulky for a smaller wrist, so it might take some getting used to and even prove too cumbersome for children who do not like things attached to them.

Kids Love… The novelty of having a camera and video at the ready at all times – think of all those cheeky ‘spying’ opportunities when unsuspecting folk don’t realise this watch is also a secret camera! The editing features, such as special filters and funny voice-changing modes, are also sure to provide plenty of giggles.

Parents Love… No need to purchase endless batteries, as the rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 weeks on low usage once fully charged. There is also a Parental Control to limit game play to 30, 60, or 90 minutes.