What is it about boats? They are quite simply one of those essentials that every kid has to have. And of all the toys that float, the boats, submarines, ferries, seacopters and seaplanes from Green Toys are pretty exceptional.

Before we even begin there are a few things you should know about Green Toys. First, these toys are made from recycled plastics (milk bottles) and are free of any BPA, PVC and phthalates. Second, you can wash them in the dishwasher (on the middle or top rack), making for super easy cleaning. Thirdly, almost every product in the collection has been an award winner at some time in its lifespan… Between them, the water play vehicles have won more than 12 awards and we think they’re winners too.

Tug Boat Super cute little boats that are great from baby days all the way through to ten or older. This makes it excellent in terms of longevity for your child. The boat has a handle on the top which is great for little hands to grasp, while the opening at the front can be used for pouring or scooping water, sand, dirt – whatever your child is enjoying experimenting with. Better yet, the size of the opening means it is pretty much guaranteed to all tip back out again without too much trouble. The tug floats brilliantly and the deck is the perfect size for holding the catch of the day, from sea creatures to Octonauts.

Ferry Boat This is a pretty cool two-storey vessel with a slide out ramp so kids can load cargo – up to four mini Green Toy vehicles – into the bottom level for a journey across high seas. There are two benches on the open deck at the top and 11 little windows looking down into the main level. Two mini vehicles are included with the Ferry, so kids can start loading and locking the moment they open up this bath time beauty!

Submarine The wide-bottom design keeps this submarine steady, preventing wobble on the high waters! BUT, when children want to “dive, dive, dive” to explore the depths of the bathtub they can fill the hull with water, then resurface using the great little handle and watch the water pour out the side portholes and wide, front opening. A spinning rear propeller and the classic handle and wide-mouth opening are perfect for plenty of scoop-and-pour fun.

Seaplane Aviation goes to sea with this cute floating plane. There is a cockpit, where a favourite action figure can take the controls, as well as a spinning propeller, rounded wings, and thick, oversized pontoons that are designed to ensure a perfect landing – and a buoyant journey – every time.

Seacopter With stabilizing, oversized fill-and-spill pontoons to keep it steadily afloat, this Seacopter features a large top rotor and additional tail rotor. It also comes with a pilot bear figure for the open-design cockpit – bonus!

Whether your child is a fan of things that fly, things that float or things that submerge, Green Toys has the perfect ocean going vehicle for your child’s bath time adventures

Safe Seas Sets To celebrate Earth Day and support the world’s oceans, Green Toys has also created a Safe Seas Sets, featuring a Green Toys Seaplane or Submarine (in cool, limited edition colors!) and a copy of Joel Harper’s children’s book All the Way to the Ocean. These sets benefit Sustainable Surf, a non-profit charity organization dedicated to protecting the ocean playground and engaging communities to solve the most pressing environmental issues for oceans.

Good For… hand/eye coordination, conceptual development, problem solving, reasoning, imaginary play and story telling; and, for baby… grasping, reaching, understanding cause and effect

Keep in Mind… If something does get stuck inside your little tug or sub, you won’t be able to pull this apart to clean it out. They are one perfectly moulded piece, which is great as a general rule – but not so great if something yuk gets stuck!

What Kids Love Not only are these robust vehicles, they are also the perfect mid size – not too big, not too small – with intuitive features for kids, like easy-to grasp handles and a well balanced design that means you won’t have accidental Titanic episodes of upset.

What Parents Love  The Tug is recommended from six months, and all of these are brilliantly easy for the littlest of children to play with, but the best bit for parents is that you find the kids are still playing with these at age 10. It is a remarkable little piece of equipment that just seems to appeal at every age and stage

Awards Between them, these vehicles have won more than 12 awards, including the Astra Early Play Award (2013) for the Seaplane, the Fatbrain Toy Award (2010) for the Tug Boat, and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Winner (2013) for each of the Submarine, Seacopter and Ferry toys.

Designer Details Based in Northern California, Green Toys was co-founded by Robert von Goeben and Laurie Hyman in 2007 with the aim of creating toys that didn’t just claim to be eco-friendly, but that actually were. Constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials, their toys consistently win awards and include everything from kitchen sets to flower garden building kits as well as a host of brilliant vehicles.