An artist’s palette containing 24 colours from which your child can create every colour of the rainbow – and every hue in between.

Hedgehog Webshop Christmas Moodboard inclusion 2013.

Full MyLittleStyleFile inclusion to come in 2014.

Designer Details Established in 1783, the Rowney Company began their business selling perfumes and wig powder in London. When wigs went out of fashion (an event for which George IV was deemed culpable, when he discarded his own wig), the Rowneys re-focused their activities and began producing artists’ colours, most notably Constable and Turner, who was a family friend. Pioneering in artists’ materials, Rowney was the first manufacturer in Europe to introduce artists’ acrylic colour in in 1963, a medium which became popularised by artists throughout the 1960s and 1970s as ‘Pop Art’. Two of its best known proponents, Peter Blake and Bridget Riley, used Rowney’s ‘Cryla’ acrylics extensively during this period. The Daler Board Company was incorporated in 1946 to create Daler-Rowney.