Just when you thought you couldn’t look another wicker Moses basket in the eye – along comes the Moba Moses basket.

Made from a synthetic mixed-blend material created exclusively for Moba, this Moses basket is a contemporary, ergonomic design that is also brilliantly hygienic and ecofriendly; the BPA and phthalate-free material is sturdy and tough, yet supremely soft to the touch (almost like velvet), super light to carry and will last for generations. It is also 100 per cent recyclable and boasts a low carbon footprint in its production methods.

Air holes in the sides and base ensure the Moba Moses basket is well ventilated for your baby and, as the unique flexible plastic has none of the creaking or rustling characteristics of wicker, the material also offers a superbly quiet sleeping environment for your baby. Ideal for babies with allergies such as eczema or asthma, this material is also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and, unlike traditional wicker or plant-leaf moses baskets, every nook and cranny of the Moba can be thoroughly washed and cleaned.

With eight delicious shades to choose from, the Moba Moses Basket is a uniquely vibrant and colourful option for contemporary nurseries

The first man-made Moses basket available on the market, the company who makes these worked in the nursery industry for many years and were aware of a number of processes that had an impact on hand-made natural fibre Moses baskets. Among their concerns were the following: The size and quality can be inconsistent, therefore mattresses and stands often do not fit correctly. The fibres can fray or even occasionally break forming sharp points and scratchy surfaces. They can rot in storage; the wicker or palm leaf can split or degrade over time becoming contaminated with bacteria and small mites. They are generally not made from sustainable or reusable resources and are often shipped a long way, and require fumigation to remove bugs in the fibres picked up in transportation, and the residue from this strong chemical spray could be hazardous to babies.

The basket comes with a brushed cotton liner that was designed  with the advice of healthcare experts (and without padding) to maximise airflow and to compliment the ventilated sides of the basket. It also has a Moba mattress that is water-repellent and PVC free with a 3D knitted top cover to further promote air circulation, which can also be machine washed at 60 degrees (the temperature at which dust mites are killed). The base of the basket is further reinforced ensuring a stable sleeping environment.

While there is no official Moba Moses Basket stand, it has been designed to fit most commercial Moses basket stands – so you can decide whether you want a rocking or stationary option.

Why? If you’re a fan of being able to wash your baby products from top to tail, or your baby has allergies or eczema, this is a must-have Moses basket from a hygienic point of view. But beyond the practical, there is also the fact that there aren’t many (if any) other Moses baskets on the market that can deliver such a burst of colour to your nursery in one fun bundle.

Outstanding Features The unique synthetic material might look a little out of the ordinary in the baby market, but it also sets the scene for a brilliant and easy-to-achieve contemporary aesthetic in the nursery – and in those brilliant shades will have your room zinging.

Best For Parents who love a good dose of contemporary minimalism and/or colour… or those whose baby suffers from allergies.

What Parents Love  “From the moment I saw the Moba I loved the brilliant colours available and the contemporary look it gave to the nursery, but once I was using it with my baby, the thing I most appreciated was that it was so incredibly washable!”

Designer Details Moba has been created and designed by Première Baby Limited – a family run business that has been involved in the nursery trade for three generations. Based in Sussex, the business is headed by Olivia Askaroff, and the Moba is a result of a combination of ideas formulated by Olivia and her family.