How do we love the Appetite High Chair? Let us count the ways…

We love it because it is compact, because it is cleverly designed  to avoid any need for a fiddly five-point harness, it’s super-easy to get a child in and out of, it’s supremely simple to clean, it expands to be the ideal size for every child from the age of about six months to three years, has a detachable tray and a black surface beneath which can be used as a chalk-and-blackboard drawing desk, can be folded away and hung on a wall, and has a comfortable curve to the back – hugging the child without any uncomfortable slats to trap hands. Another entirely innovative solution from BabyBjörn.

Elegant, discrete, and perfectly proportioned, in a nutshell the BabyBjörn Appetite is high chair perfection

The best news is – kids love it. Our almost-three-year-old happily climbs himself into the chair for dinner time, and visiting babies have all settled in without even realising they are sat anywhere other than their mother’s lap. It is that comfortable. There are no fiddly bits for children to play with, get stuck in or try and twist out of – it is such a simple design that children can simply settle down to eating their dinner rather than exploring or complaining about the options for getting out. Getting children in and out is so easy, with the tray table dropping down to allow plenty of space to sit the child in the seat before simply twisting the safety lock beneath the tray and clipping it up to fit children snugly and locking securely into place – even those parents visiting with babies haven’t needed to be shown how to use it.

One of our favourite ‘asides’ about this chair is that beneath the removable white feeding tray is a black tabletop with a surface that is perfect for children to use as a chalk drawing board; ideal for when they are waiting for dinner or simply as something to do once dinner is packed away and the dishes are being dealt with. We have heard that some parents think the tray is too small for playing with toys – but this option means you don’t need to worry about toys get messy with any remains of food and instead you just lift away the dirty tray after dinner, hand them a piece of chalk, and away they go. Meanwhile, the detachable tray can simply be popped in the dishwasher – hooray!

To change the size of the chair for your child, the safety table is simply moved into different positions by pressing the red adjuster button on the underside of the table at the same time as you push the table closer to or further away from the child. Genius. There is no recline or height alteration for the seat, and most children should comfortably fit the chair until they are nearing three – although if you have a child that sits on the 90th centile, it might become a bit of a squeeze towards the end.

PVC-free and containing no bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, cadmium, lead, bromine or chlorine, the plastic  is made from polypropylene plastic, polyamide and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and is fully recyclable; the legs are made of powder-coated steel tubing.

Safety Standards Conforms with all international standards.

Designer Details BabyBjörn’s products are well-known for being durable, rigorously tested for safety requirements, and being simple and efficient designs. As they explain: “We are extremely careful in our choice of materials, and all our products undergo rigorous testing. Materials that come into contact with food have been classified safe for use with food and we are extremely picky in choosing our suppliers, and constantly check to ensure that our high standards are being met at every step of the production process and in all countries.”

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