Since its launch, the Kili Crib by Sebra has been applauded by mothers and design aficionados worldwide for its beautifully crafted aesthetic and the fact it is adaptable for newborns to age seven.

We adore the somewhat unusual, daring and personality infused colour options – from pretty purples to dramatic black. Our favourites are the new birch coloured base cribs with delicately coloured bars…

Previously the crib has also been available in the prettiest of yellows and pale blue, however there are currently there only six options – but what brilliantly different options they are!

A series of interchangeable parts (which are all included in the original price) allow you, for example, to remove the sides of the bed and lengthen it up to 150cm. The frame is made of that most Scandinavian of materials – birch – and the foam mattress has a linen cover (both of which are again included in the price). The mattress base is made in plain timber and has air holes to ensure plenty of air will be able to flow around your baby.

The space between the bars is a relatively narrow 2cm, and while this may limit the view your baby gets out into the world – but then again, they will hopefully sleeping the vast majority of the time they are cocooned in this crib, anyhow – it also makes it a very safe space, as legs and arms can’t push their way through to get caught, twisted or injured whilst your baby or toddler is asleep.

Colourways Click here to see the full selection and pin one (or more) to your Moodboard.

Safety Standards The Sebra Kili meets EU safety standards (norm EN716).

Designer Details Sebra Interior is a Danish company set up in 2004 by designer Mia Dela to design and produce furniture, bedding and other accessories for children and their rooms. Mia trained as a designer in Kolding and worked with other design companies for a number of years. It was after finding she didn’t like any of the children’s interior products on the market when decorating a room for her son Gustav that she established Sebra. Combining modern design with old handicrafts such as crocheting and knitting, a large part of the collection is made of natural materials such as wood, wool and cotton.