These whacky and wonderful trophy heads come from an Italian company whose history boasts a long lineage in fashion and textile design. 

Indeed, there are visual references to print fabrics in the vibrant colour combinations and patchwork patterns of these decorative accessories, even if they are made of recycled MDF and use non-toxic dyes.

The juxtaposition of extreme colour and pattern with natural beast makes these trophy heads all the more interesting for decorating children’s spaces – and with so many
different combinations, you will undoubtedly find one that works perfectly for your child’s room

Produced in Germany, the heads come flat packed; you just click them together and secure with the small rubber bands included in the kit – so a little bit of DIY for older kids then and no tools or messy or environmentally unfriendly glue required. They come in two sizes with the original having a head height of 40cm, and the mini only slightly smaller at a height of 38cm. Great at Christmas for a child who is wild about reindeer…

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Designer Details The brainchild of Italian textile company Pianezza (a family company that was founded in 1935), Miho Unexpected Things was created in 1999 and brought together new materials and inkjet technology to revive this brand’s passion for pattern and expand into the children’s and toy market.