From an Acrobatic Ant to a Zig-zag Zebra, there is a clever and colourful character for every letter of the alphabet with these playful, limited edition screen prints from Ketchup On Everything. 

At first you might be tempted to simply look for your child’s initials, but start exploring this creative menagerie of cute, humorous animals and their attendant letters, and you will undoubtedly start coveting the entire alphabet. There is a Rodeo Rabbit (pictured, below left), a Valentine Vulture, and a Scooting Squirrel that we simply adore; then again, we’d also love to showcase the Eager Elephant, the Weightlifting Walrus and the Funny Fox upon our walls, too…

With their retro styling, zinging colours and amusing animal/adjective combinations, these prints conjure up everything that is magical about the wonderful world of letters

I am aware that the greatest danger in telling you all about these limited edition prints is that I may no longer be able to realise the ambition of one day owning all 26 of these gorgeous collector’s edition characters… but I simply have to trust in the fact that Kay Vincent (the artist and creative force behind Ketchup On Everything) will be back with more renditions of these brilliant creatures in the future.

When putting her alphabet together, Kay found she was restricted with certain letters…  “For instance, I’d never have dreamt of designing a Vulture. My boyfriend actually came up with the ‘Valentine’ part of it, and that was that really! It was just a matter of putting it together and getting the eye in the exact correct spot so that he looks cute enough! He’s waiting for his date, but will they turn up?” You can read more about Kay’s inspiration behind the characters  in our Creator Q&A series.

Designer Details Ketchup on Everything is a South East London based design studio that was set up by artist and creator Kay Vincent in 2011. The name is inspired by the fact Kay hopes her designs could become the perfect ‘life condiment’ for people, and the brand’s collection now includes prints, tea towels, placemats, mugs and even greeting cards.